K' My Story - Pernille Karlsen - Part 1



We got to sit down & talk with Denmark native, Pernille.

A storyteller, researcher and heart-centered entrepreneur as well as a mindful and simple human being! Her story is imperfekt.

Pernille spent most of her 20s following society’s unwritten manual to success, leaving her home in Denmark to pursue the American Dream. She use to think joy was a destination, rather than a state of mind, and constantly pushed herself to be perfect, without noticing that was the root of her unhappiness. It wasn’t until she started listening to the voice beneath the noise, that she discovered her purpose of being in service of the environment and humanity. 

Her mission is to educate, inspire and help people find meaning and balance in an imperfect life, while co-creating conscious communities with artists and visionaries.

She believes change starts within, and that we have the power to create the reality we want. But in order to do so, we have to change the way we communicate with ourselves and each other, so we can write the story we want to tell the next generations to come.

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