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Dreamin Stephen's near death car accident at the age of 20 gave him a 2nd chance to live HIS life. From the moment Dreamin would choose the path that many FEAR, his own. We ALL have had that feeling of "something is missing," and Dreamin Stephen & his Dream Team will help Inspire & Foster YOUR transformation - from Fear - to Surrender  - to Love!

 "When coming from True Love the Soul will BE whole & the Person in bliss. Are YOU in Bliss ?"

WARNING: The JOURNEY of Personal Transformation will Separate those that are Truely "INSPIRED" from the "Dreamers"!
Why: Because SURRENDER (Letting Go) is HARD!


Dreamin Stephen is an expert on finding the Inspiration in each Individual & Lighting that FIRE to take Action. Getting to know the True essence of the person & using various techniques, methods, and tools that improve self-awareness & Mindset while finding your Purpose & Passion!

The Dream Team will then create a road map to develop those talents that enhance your quality of life & contribute to the realization of your dreams and aspirations.


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What "they" are saying...

I really have had a major release happen.  I know I have more to do, but the day we spoke, I just was opened and was able to cry a lot and surrender a lot.

Thanks for your “being there”. Your presence, holding open the space for me to look and see. I appreciate you so.

Jacqueline Prince - Author

He saw my potential before anyone else did, and always encouraged me to follow my dreams.

He’s one of the few I know who never stops thinking of ways to save the world. I am grateful to have him as a friend and inspiration in my life.

Penny - Int'l Musician